Manifera Christmas

Manifera’s Xmas party was an unforgettable celebration of joy, unity, and festive spirit. The event brought the entire team together for a day filled with laughter, games, and heartwarming gift exchanges. From lively team-building games that ignited the competitive yet cheerful spirit among colleagues to the gift exchange, the atmosphere was charged with happiness. The Manifera Christmas

Mid-Autumn Festival At Manifera


Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival rooted in Chinese culture. And in Vietnam and some other Asian countries, the Mid-Autumn Festival has long become an important festival, a time to bring people together. And in the period from August to September, Manifera usually celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival for all employees at the company. After 2 quietly Mid-Autumn Festival At Manifera

Birthday Party With Manifera Team


After the Q1 birthday party (see here), Manifera continues to organize the Q2 birthday party for members of the company on May 19th. We had a party full of fun and relaxation after hours of a hard but productive day working on many interesting but challenging projects.. Here are some impressions from the party: Opening Birthday Party With Manifera Team

International Women’s Day

Manifera-IWD21-1-International Women's Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2021), Manifera Company held a party to show gratitude to half of the world. This seems to be the most project-intensive period of the entire Manifera team, but not so our company forgets this important occasion. The party was there, to show the warmth and love International Women’s Day

Birthday Party With Manifera Team


At Manifera, every quarter of the year we celebrate the birthdays of our team members. And on Mar 31, we held a birthday party for the members who have birthdays in January, February and March. The birthday party took place with a lot of fun and many birthday gifts were given to the members. Besides, Birthday Party With Manifera Team