Birthday Party With Manifera Team

Birthday Party With Manifera Team

After the Q1 birthday party (see here), Manifera continues to organize the Q2 birthday party for members of the company on May 19th.


We had a party full of fun and relaxation after hours of a hard but productive day working on many interesting but challenging projects.. Here are some impressions from the party:

Opening the party was the introduction and gift-giving to members with birthdays in April, May, and June.


After that we continued with our familiar teamwork games. This time the game is “Draw pictures – guess the idea”.

We had to split into 2 teams to  play against each other.

The organizers will give a word to describe to both teams. The job of each person in the team is to describe the word by drawing it on paper, not using words or gestures. The persons in front of the row paint the word for the person in the back. The last person in the team will have to guess what the word is.

After some cheerful and tense times which lasted 3 rounds, we finally found the winner!

Again we had a great birthday and gaming time all together with good and tasty food as well!


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