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MO Batteries

MO Batteries is helping to transform South East Asia through innovative electric motorbike fleet charging solutions. SMART CHARGING & FLEET MANAGEMENT. SOLUTIONS FOR ELECTRIC MOTORBIKES. Email us and discover moreFleet Management SolutionIt is MO Batteries’ objective for a shift towards a zero-emission future with their innovative charging solutions for any electric motorbike. To support this MO Batteries

Manifera Christmas

Manifera’s Xmas party was an unforgettable celebration of joy, unity, and festive spirit. The event brought the entire team together for a day filled with laughter, games, and heartwarming gift exchanges. From lively team-building games that ignited the competitive yet cheerful spirit among colleagues to the gift exchange, the atmosphere was charged with happiness. The Manifera Christmas

Happy Hour – Happy Chicken

Happy employees are the best employees. This means that activities like work happy hours are crucial to fostering coworker friendships and act as an effective investment for stronger partnerships and work. Having a happy hour with team members provides an opportunity to interact and bond in a way that isn’t always possible during office hours.  We Happy Hour – Happy Chicken

WhatsApp Chatbots Powered By OpenAI’s ChatGPT ?

In this article, I will take a non-technical approach to describing a solution that enables businesses to offer customer interactions via chatbots in natural language(s) and using almost any channel, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and TelegramI will explain the concept below for WhatsApp. However it is also applicable to other channels.A mixed bag WhatsApp Chatbots Powered By OpenAI’s ChatGPT ?


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ?Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer science field that focuses on solving cognitive problems often associated with human intelligence, such as learning, creativity, and image recognition. Modern organizations collect vast amounts of data from various sources like smart sensors, user-generated content, monitoring tools, and system logs. The goal of AI AI – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

Can AI Replace Software Developers?

First, we need to understand “Why do we need Artificial Intelligence?” The goal of Artificial Intelligence is to create intelligent machines that can mimic human behavior. We need AI to solve the complex problems of the world today. AI makes our lives smoother by automating daily tasks, saving manpower, and performing various tasks.Distinguishing Artificial Intelligence, Can AI Replace Software Developers?

Company Trip: Phan Thiet

RECAP COMPANY TRIP WITH MANIFERA Saigon is entering a period of very hot, sunny days. This brings back memories for the entire Manifera team of the trip they took last year to relax after spending days together “fixing bugs” in Phan Thiet’s windy and green beach. There was a stronger sense of community among all Company Trip: Phan Thiet

Happy Hour – Tet Đoan Ngo

Đoan Ngo is the moment that the sun is the most near to the earth and this day often is “The middle day of summer”. In Vietnam, this day is also the death anniversary of National Mother Au Co. This is a festival celebrated at noon on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.[1] This day is Happy Hour – Tet Đoan Ngo