Offshore Software Development Teams

Have a look at the short movie for a quick introduction about Manifera and our offshore software development teams service.


To expand your company’s software development capacity in an easy and cost-effective way, we can provide you with offshore software developers who act as your own extended team. You will have full control of the developers and you will work with the developers directly and daily.

For many of our international long-term clients, we are a reliable partner in software outsourcing. Our clients are from Europe, USA and Asia and range from SMEs to MNCs. Outsourcing provides our customers many advantages, like flexible up/down scaling of experienced software developers, easy access to additional skill-sets, and attractive pricing.

Our experience with many cultures makes us well prepared for working with clients from many countries. We are aware that for each partnership we have to get familiarized with each other. Our experience with many clients shows that after some time working with each other and openly discuss the way of working and continuously improve on the process, the offshore team and our client’s team will work efficiently with each other and make for an optimum global software development team.

Your Offshore Software Development Team can consist of web, mobile and desktop application software developers (front end and backend). Or your team might be a verification & validation team or a DevOps or Service & Maintenance team. No matter which type you are looking for, together we will select the engineers with the right skill sets for your team.

Your team can consist of only one developer or many. We can also start off with a fixed price application project and if all goes well, scale up to your own team of software developers.


Manifera’s services are provided in an environment based upon trust and mutual respect. As part of that we are transparent and clear on the skillsets of our developers and hours worked for your offshore software development team.

Our software developers are very experienced and are well adverse in English speaking and writing. Furthermore, we are a loyal and flexible team, pursuing long term relationships.

Flexible up/down scaling of software developers, test engineers, DevOps. Start from one engineer to many.

You will have full control over your own dedicated Offshore Software Development team, both for the setup and the daily operations.

Due to our efficiency and our geographical location, your Offshore Software Development team will operate at best cost.

Transparent time reporting on a weekly or monthly basis.

We have software developers at various experience levels and all are proficient in English writing and speaking.

We are experienced with the following technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Laravel, FileMaker, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, SQlite, MongoDB, AngularJS, ReactJS, WordPress, Magento, Amazon Web Service, .Net, Java, CodeIgniter, iOS, Android, React Native, Phonegap, Cocos2D, Object-C, Swift.


When offshoring your software development activities, keep the cultural differences in mind. This below animation informs you about the possible cultural differences and how to deal with them.




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