3 Popular Software Offshore Development Center Models

3 Popular Software Offshore Development Center Models

Most onsite development teams lack the capabilities and expertise required to carry a product from idea to finish. Hence, the notion of an offshore development center was born. Offshore development centers (ODCs) have all the required facilities and manpower required to carry out the entire process of developing a software for the market. Offshore development centers normally put a project manager in charge of the project. The job of the project manager is to divide the roles and jobs equally among the team at his disposal. If the thought has crossed your mind to outsource your software project to an offshore development center, maybe you need to check out the various development models that the offshore development center of your choice makes use of. Below are examples of some of the most popular development models employed by the foremost centers in the business today:


This development model is made especially for clients who demand top notch security levels in their design model. Software that requires the utmost level of secrecy is developed using this model as it suits it perfectly. If your software is a one-of-a-kind type that requires proprietary laws and patents, then you should heavily consider making use of this model as it offers the client a higher level of security and secrecy in the development process. A lot of software offshore development centers employing this model of development make sure that any team assembled to work on such projects are exclusive to the clients they are assigned. Their development location is also confidential, and away from the workplace. A contract is signed by the members of the team assigned such projects which forbid them from leaking sensitive details about the project to anyone who is not part of the team working on the development of the software. Usually, your offshore development center would advise you to pick a model that best fits the requirements of your project and is within the scope of your planned budget. As can be guessed, the Trust model is pretty expensive compared with other models on offer by most development centers. Models such as the software offshore development center Classic are way cheaper and sometimes preferred by clients.


This software development model is the most popular software development model employed by offshore development centers. This model has a dedicated team assigned to the project supervised by a project manager. Members of the team are picked in a way that all of the necessary technical and marketing expertise and skills required to bring the project to completion are covered. It also ensures that you are getting value for your money. The team assigned to work on the project would always work in close contact with you to make sure that every decision taken is in line with what you ordered and that the final product aligns with the requirements you put forward. This kind of work system is beneficial to both parties as it enables the team to know the vision and desires of the client they are working with in order to deliver a finished product that meets and exceeds the expectation of the client. It is beneficial to the clients also as it ensures that they constantly in touch with the development team all through the process of development., making changes along the way if needed.


This development model is perfect for businesses and corporations that want to be heavily involved and control the process and organization of its development process. A lot of software offshore development center is adept at assisting clients set up this structure of development in a way that is highly efficient and covers the client from unnecessary risks in the process of development. Picture the business model as this; the software offshore development center provides your business and corporation a presence and makes sure you are situated in its local operation. The software offshore development center will handle all of the issues that may or may not arise from the process of developing your software which includes, but not limited to, handling of infrastructure, taking care of legal and jurisdictional requirements. They would also be in charge of handling problems arising with human resources.

As would be expected, ODC classic is the most common and also the cheapest of the three models followed by ODC branded and finally the ODC trust.

As a rule, each of the models always have their own pros and cons, so we highly recommend choosing the engagement model that fits your project specification, situation and budget the best.

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