Web App Development


Have a look at the short movie for a quick introduction about Manifera and our custom software development services.

Whether you require an e-commerce website, matching or comparing web app, or any other type of web application, we can help you with that.

We provide custom-made web app development services for SMEs and MNCs from all over the world. Flexibility, quality, and trust are important while doing so.

With our experienced team of web developers, graphical designers, and quality engineers your web app development is in good hands. We take it from your first ideas and requirements, via design and development all the way to a smooth roll-out of the website (full stack development). After going live, we can support you with Service & Maintenance and DevOps services for your web application. All of this means for you, that you will have total peace of mind!

We are specialized in Laravel+PHP and we have experience in other technology stacks as well like, .NET and Ruby on Rails. For deployment with have experience with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud and we also will deploy your application on your own specific hosting platform.

While designing and developing your web app we proactively will advise you on the best and most efficient solutions for both you and the end-users. Using the latest technologies, we will create an enticing web app that will make it easy to engage with your users.

Whether your web application is a rather normal one or a complex one with lots of business logic to implement and many interactions with other systems, we can help you with your project. We either build web apps from scratch, using, for example, Laravel and PHP, or we use existing Content Management Systems, like WordPress or Magento, and continue developing from there.

We are experienced with the following technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Laravel, FileMaker, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, AngularJS, ReactJS, WordPress, Magento, Amazon Web Service, .Net, Java.


Full-stack: taking care of frontend (UI/UX) and backend developments and also deployment of the application onto the server.

Experienced with the following technology stacks: Laravel/PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET and ASP.NET, iOS, Android, and Cordova.

Experienced with integrating with many other applications/tools, like FaceBook, LinkedIn, PayPal, Mollie, MailChimp, Xero, Intercom.

Experienced with various cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Experienced with many deployment tools like Docker, Capistrano, and GitLab CI.

We work with our clients in an environment based on trust and mutual respect and establish many long-term relationships.

Transparent and clear on technical solutions and project status and progress. Weekly meetings to align on project topics.

We are using the Agile Scrum method, among others meaning that you will receive each 2 to 4 weeks a release of your application. This will enable you to keep close track of the development.




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