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Aye Aye Solutions provides software solutions for the maritime sector, to make operations more efficient.


Ship safety application

The Ship Safety mobile app is specifically designed for deck officers in charge of inspecting all fire and lifesaving appliances onboard all kinds of vessels and marine platforms (tankers, container vessels, offshore (supply) vessels, FPSOs, cruise ships, and many more).

The users upload their PDF safety plan into the app and can then easily edit/enter the ship’s specific information. After this setup the officers can easily make their inspection rounds and efficiently keep track of the status of each of the safety devices.

Technologies used






Benefits to our client

With the mobile Ship Safety app, Aye Aye Solutions can service the marine world with an easy to use mobile app, whereby the users can efficiently keep track of the status of various devices aboard ships – the app helps to ensure the safety of maritime transport operations (for passengers and freight).

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