Manifera Featured By Singapore’s IMDA On The Open Innovation Platform

Manifera Featured By Singapore’s IMDA On The Open Innovation Platform

It is a proud moment for us! Well, recently, we just got featured by the Singapore government-linked Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) on their Open Innovation Platform!

Singapore is one of the leading innovation hubs in the region. And IMDA, being the leading agency for technology and innovation in Singapore, is constantly looking for ways to tackle challenges faced by various industries. One of their initiatives is the Open Innovation Platform (OIP), a virtual platform, supported by live events, that connects and matches curated challenges of Problem Owners to a pool of Problem Solvers.

And Manifera is being selected as a featured finalist among a few other solvers on the previous OIP’s call, for being the sole winner for a logistics supply chain project for the company Trustineo. We are now on our way to bring innovative software solutions to support trading & supply chain operations and sustainability in Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

The custom made supply chain platform we are designing and developing, consists of web applications and portals and mobile apps to support each party in the supply chain in an efficient and pleasant way.

And yes, we remembered the weeks of preparations, going through the initial proposal round, and then the grilling pitching sessions and the final interview with a panel of IMDA officials and the Problem Owner before being awarded the project.

It was a great learning journey for us and we are grateful to be selected as a finalist in this OIP initiative.

And many thanks to Eric Lim and Chih Hung from IMDA for the guidance and support, Eric Ouedraogo from Trustineo for the partnership and opportunity, and finally congrats to Herre and David from Manifera for making this exciting milestone happen.

Manifera IMDA Finalist 1

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