Company Trip: Phan Thiet

Company Trip: Phan Thiet


Saigon is entering a period of very hot, sunny days. This brings back memories for the entire Manifera team of the trip they took last year to relax after spending days together “fixing bugs” in Phan Thiet’s windy and green beach. There was a stronger sense of community among all the participants. Each beach game causes a blaze of feelings. Be joyful during a music party with lots of laughs. The journey began with everyone’s joy and anticipation. Team building exercises not only bring the members of the extended family closer together, but they also bring out the vitality and burst of youth in each person.

Each individual contributes a unique color, working together to make Manifera successful. We will view each other from a variety of angles after the fun because we now have a better understanding of one another. Together, you can inspire someone to stay with you for a long time in the future. hugging, laughing, sweating, and joy. Each feeling is distilled, leaving a lasting impression on everyone. The team should return from the vacation with plenty of good energy to finish the job effectively. and will yet do many more travels to strengthen their relationship.

Let’s look at these happy pictures with Manifera !

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