7 Steps To Create Your Own Mobile Application

7 Steps To Create Your Own Mobile Application

For a non-developer, creating a mobile application can take many weeks, months or even years depending on the complexity of the application. It can also cost you a fortune to make. As such, before you begin the creation of your mobile application, you want to be certain that everything you’d require is in place. These seven steps should help you get your foot out the door quickly and in the correct direction.

1. Carry out an in-depth survey:

One of the very fundamental things you must endeavor to do is a market survey. Take time out to conduct a research on the market you intend to target with your mobile application. The good news is, that this part of the process isn’t costly and can be done by you. Since it is highly improbable that your idea is unique, do check out other applications that somewhat portray what you have in mind. Try to figure out their deficiencies and how yours could be better.

2. Meet with intended potential Clients:

If your mobile application is going to be paid for, consult with friends and loved ones. Inquire with them if they would be willing to part with some cash to purchase your application. Be careful not to spill your idea out in the open, though. Search for potential clients who are already doing business in your target market and speak with them. Ask them the services that are offered in making their work easier, and if they would welcome any change in that area.

3. Create your Marketing Model:

One of the goals of your app might be to make you money, right? This step is important, as it helps you figure out how your application not only transforms lives positively but also enriches your pocket. Would your app make you revenue via in-app purchases? Will it contain ads? Would people pay to download the application? Would you make it free first, and as your users and customers grow, you begin to charge them? These and much more should be figured out before moving to the next step.

4. Get your team on board:

In the mobile application development sector, you need developers and designers that know their onions. Take time out to select your team. You don’t necessarily need the crème-de-le-crème of the lot, as these kinds of developers and designers are expensive to pay for. You need passionate developers, talented developers and above all, a team that believes in your vision.

5. Define your finances:

Okay, it might seem like money comes up a lot, but trust me it is important. You need to ensure that your budget is feasible. Don’t cram up too many things into the budget, and don’t be unnecessarily miserly. You would require funds from the get go, so you need to carefully plan out how every last cent would be spent on the development of your mobile application, and also on the marketing, testing and debugging and maintenance. In the long run, your mobile application should start paying for itself, but until then, you want to make sure that you are covered financially.

6. Marketing:

Marketing. This is the part where you make people aware of the availability of your application, and how it is better than the ones currently available in the market. Once your application is completed, all that is left to do is spreading the word about it. You can put together a marketing team to do that for you, or if it is not part of your budget plan, you can always market the application yourself.

7. Keep Making changes:

Okay, this isn’t a “step,” but it is important to have this at the back of your mind. Human wants are hard to satisfy. That they are happy with your app now, doesn’t mean they would keep being satisfied with your application. You need to keep making innovative changes to your application. What would they love to have on your application next? What can they do without? How can the UX be better? Do they need additional features? Good customer relations is pretty significant, as it enables you to know your customers better. Keep innovating!

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