MO Batteries

MO Batteries

MO Batteries is helping to transform South East Asia through innovative electric motorbike fleet charging solutions. SMART CHARGING & FLEET MANAGEMENT. SOLUTIONS FOR ELECTRIC MOTORBIKES. Email us and discover more

Fleet Management Solution

It is MO Batteries’ objective for a shift towards a zero-emission future with their innovative charging solutions for any electric motorbike. To support this solution with swappable batteries a fleet management system is helping fleet operators to make this happen. Manifera was asked to develop the front end of this fleet management solution with a remote team of experienced software developers.


We provided a remote team of experienced frontend software developers, who worked intensively together with the MO Batteries project team. The experienced developers defined the API together with MO Batteries and were involved in UI/UX design reviews and provided feedback from the technical side, and off course have implemented and validated the frontend.

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