How To Build An E-commerce Web Application

How To Build An E-commerce Web Application

Even though the method of building an e-commerce website is very similar to the method used for building any other website, but because this website will be used to sell physical products, it will require some distinctions. This implies that there will be greater work required upfront to make sure that the e-commerce web app is very successful. Generally, the success of an e-commerce web app depends mainly on many features. In recent times, the internet, in general, is full of countless e-commerce stores that are rapidly changing in size, industry and reach. All of these e-commerce web apps require diverse marketing strategies and service qualities.  However, the primary goal of all these e-commerce products is to find a way to effectively sell their products.

The aspect of building a successful e-commerce web app is also used to promote any business effectively: provide a unique service or product that increases value to customers and their customer experience.

E-commerce works by meeting the required buyer’s requirements and prospects while taking advantage of a digital experience that will result in a very special and valuable e-commerce web app. The following procedures should be followed if you want to build a successful e-commerce web app.


This is the first thing to consider when you want to build an e-commerce website is to look for the best e-commerce website building platform. This e-commerce website building platform is simply online software which enables you to build your own personal online software like a web app without needing advanced technical skills, more than one computer screens or coding knowledge. All that will be required from you is an internet connection and a great marketing strategy.

There are a lot of online e-commerce store building platforms on the internet. However, the price range for these online e-commerce store building platforms may be different. Some of the most popular online e-commerce store building platforms include:

  • Magento
  • Woocommerce / WordPress
  • Wix
  • Volusion
  • GoDaddy
  • Squarespace
  • Magento

There are many reasons why you should choose to use an online e-commerce store building platform over hiring a computer programmer. One of the most important ones is that hiring a computer programmer to help you build your e-commerce web app from scratch is more expensive than using an online e-commerce store building platform to build your e-commerce web app. Other reasons why you should use an online e-commerce store building platform to build your e-commerce web app include;

  • The online e-commerce store building platform will host your store, that is, give it a place to reside on the internet.
  • These platforms will also enable you to choose, buy and connect your desired domain name to your e-commerce Platforms like Wix e-commerce can also provide users with a free domain name for a year.
  • Make sure that your web app is up, running and does not crash when it is being used.
  • Ensure that your web app’s security certificates are well sorted out in order to ensure the safety of your customers’ details when making payments and handling their data.
  • Make sure that you are able to sell a range of products including digital, service-based goods and physical products.
  • It provides users with the necessary marketing tools to effectively promote your business.
  • Provide users with custom sales features like automated inventory tracking and shipping discounts.

Magento is often considered by a lot of people to be the best online e-commerce store building platform available on the internet. It can be used to build e-commerce stores of all sizes, and it comes with a great inventory system and one of the best sales features available.


This is considered to be one of the most important features that should be considered when building an e-commerce web app. It is very important that you have a Call To Action (CTA) feature on every page on the web app. This feature should be easily identifiable and should encourage the users to ask for more. There are many reasons why it is very important to use a Call To Action (CTA) on your e-commerce web app, these reasons include;

  • TO INCREASE SALES: Whenever a user clicks a link that displays “learn more” or “buys now”, it is usually because they are interested in one or more of the products that are being marketed on the web app. And when users show interest, it can mean sales and the Call To Action (CTA) features makes it easier for the shoppers to find.
  • TO COLLECT INFORMATION: When users start looking through the web app, you will be able to get more information about their desires. For instance, when a user opens a page that contains shoes with filters, it will only tell you that the user is looking for shoes but not the type of shoes that they are looking for. However, if there was a page that displays only casual shoes, kid shoes, dress shoes and so on can tell you what type of shoe the user is looking for. This will make it easier for users to find popular products easier that finding less popular products.
  • TO GIVE THEM MORE INFORMATION: When users start looking through the web app, you will be able to tell if they understand the product better or if they have any interest in the products. The Call To Action (CTA) feature will be able to make your user interested in a product.


When you are building your e-commerce web app, it is important to you use photos and videos that have high resolution so that the customer will find it easier to view. This will help users view photos from multiple angles and enable them to zoom in to get a better look at the products.


This feature is also a very important feature to consider when you are building an e-commerce web app. This is mainly because it makes it very easier for users to find their desired product with this feature. This feature enables users to search for their desired product on the store.


This feature enables you to show users items that they might be interested in based on their current and past searches.


When you are setting up a payment method for your e-commerce store, it is best to use advanced payment options like PayPal, Payoneer and so on. Also, if you want to make your store have limited payment options, it is important that explain why. However, you might not like to use payment methods like Bitcoin because it is very hard to determine its exact value.


This is simply a form of assurance for the users to show them that their credit card data will be safe and free from interception or misuse. Although this feature does not allow you to protect the users’ computer, you can control your store and the interaction between your store and the user. This can be done with a SSL certificate which is used to encrypt the data between the store and the user in order to make sure that no third party can tap in it and get the credit card data.


It is also very important for your web app to have detailed shipping information. It is vital for e-commerce web apps to have shipping information early in the checkout process. This should also include a zip code calculator that display cost. You can also make it show delivery time and options for faster delivery. It is also very important to list countries that are outside the stores in normal shipping zones.


This is another important feature that should be used on your e-commerce  web app. This feature is important mainly because it builds trust among users and the owner of the web app. This is often done to ensure that the buyers can get in touch with the support personnel. You should also add more than one method of contact on the web app. This can include email, phone number, and online form.


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