Skills you need to be a Frontend Developer

Skills you need to be a Frontend Developer

Due to the flexibility, competitive earning and personal fulfillment that comes with being a Front-end developer, this is currently the most desirable and popular profession in the field of web development.  A front-end developer basically, works with CSS, JAVA, and HTML to develop and design web pages. They design the basic outline of the web page which later transforms into a fully functioning website.

If you are planning to enter into the field of web design and development, then front-end development is your best bet as it is the most comfortable and most adaptable profession in the field of web design. Through your experience in front-end development, you will be able to decide whether you want to stay in the field and branch out to e.g. Backend Developer or find something else that you might find more appealing.

To become a Front-end developer, you will need to hone the skills given as under:

  1. CSS and HTML:

CSS and HTML are an essential part of front-end development, and without any basic knowledge about these two, you cannot become a developer. These two terms are what you will study on your first day and will keep studying till your last. You will not be able to land a job in the profession as a front-end designer or developer without learning these two languages. HTML or Hypertext Mark-up Language is used to develop web pages. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is the language which helps in designing your web page which also includes the text styles, shading, colour and the overall theme and style of your web page.

  1. jQuery and JavaScript:

These two are other very important languages that you need to be well experienced with. They help you in defining the capacity and functioning of your web page. You will need these languages when you want to add some fun, entertaining and interactive features to your web page like audio, video and transitions. JavaScript is basically, a programming language which simmers down or summarizes the codes of jQuery. For instance, with the help of JavaScript, you can turn a ten line sentence into a single line to perform the same command or task.

  1. RESTful Services and APIs:

REST stands for Representational State Transfer which refers to a lightweight design that rearranges direct correspondence on the web, and RESTful administrations and APIs are those web benefits that stick to REST engineering. For instance, if you need to create a web page or an application that shows you when you became friends with a particular person on social media then for that purpose you need to connect with that social media platform’s RESTful API to retrieve and use that data.

  1. Responsive Designing Skills:

Responsive design is highly crucial if you want your web page or application to be successful. The design of your web page should not only work on the PC, but it should also function on a mobile device or a tablet. The term ‘responsive’ refers to a site format that is hassle-free, useful and functional.

  1. Testing and Debugging:

It is not possible for a web page or an application to not have bugs. Hence, being able to test and debug your product is considered to be one of the most vital skills that are required to become a front-end developer. Testing refers to the process of checking how your web page is working. Debugging refers to eliminating all the errors and bugs from your end product and making sure that your web page or application is running as smooth as it is possible.


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