About offshore software development Vietnam

About offshore software development Vietnam

We are living in the world of technology so it is obvious that most companies will need technology to skyrocket their businesses. As a result, the demand of building IT projects and services is increasing faster than ever before. And software outsourcing service was born to serve this need. But what exactly is software outsourcing service? And if you want to use a software outsourcing service, which is the best country offering this service? To find out the answers, let’s read the blog written by IT professionals below:


What is an Offshore Software Development Service?

Offshore software outsourcing service is an arrangement made between a company and a third party like a software outsourcing company or individual developers to do or complete the IT tasks which could have been done in-house. But doing an IT task is not easy and it also requires both time and money. To be honest, not every company has a professional tech team to deploy these IT projects. In such these situations, choosing the services from software outsourcing companies will be the ideal option for businesses.

Software development outsourcing builds new functions or any other tech features for businesses and also concentrates on their core competencies without waiting time or money. Hence, it helps businesses in maintaining product quality, improving customer service and reducing cost on a limited budget.


Which is The Best Country Offering Software Outsourcing Service?

In recent years, Vietnam has been well-known as one of the best countries for outsourcing software development, thanks to the qualified developers, competitive price and many other factors this country offers. (According Gartner’s Leading Global Locations for Offshore Services, 2016: Vietnam was an Asia Tier 1 emerging-market location and top 5 location for outsourcing). For these reasons, many businesses in the world are choosing the software outsourcing service from Vietnam.

In this below part, we will talk about 8 major benefits of outsourcing software development in Vietnam. So if you are planning to work with a team of professional Vietnamese developers, you will find many useful things here.

  1. Stable Politics and Dynamic Economics

Vietnam is a developing country with plenty of potential to become a dragon of South-East Asia area in the near future. According to Lonelyplanet.com, this country is voted as the safest country to travel in Asia, that means your outsourced project can’t be affected by any social issues like wars, terrorism … Apart from this, Vietnam has a very fast-paced economy and the government has done many things to attract foreign investment, particularly in Information and Technology industry. Thus, this country is very strong in terms of tech and it would be ideal your software development project.

  1. High Development Skills

Vietnam developers have a high fame as they have got very high scores in many worldwide tech competitions. Moreover, most Vietnamese students are following an education system that focuses on learning science and technology which supports the IT industry. (A research of World Economic Forum in 2015 on 128 countries by Forbes showed that Vietnam was in top 10 countries with most engineering graduates. Many Vietnamese developers formerly studied and worked as IT engineers or programmers in Western countries. Now they have come back home and worked as the mentors for young Vietnamese developers. They can help young Vietnamese developers to overcome language and cultural barriers for the use of Vietnamese software developers as outsourcing partners.

  1. Young Population 

Another potential of Vietnam is its young population. 50% of Vietnamese population are under 30 years old and they were born after the Vietnam War so the number of people seeking for job is very high. Received a good education system, these people are very smart, optimistic, highly motivated and can catch up very quickly with any new technologies of the world.

  1. Low Cost

Now, let’s talk about the cost of hiring Vietnamese engineers. One of the reasons why Vietnam has been attracted many foreign investments is because they offer a very competitive cost, according to Cushman & Wakefield business process outsourcing and shaped service location index, 2016-2017). With the same quality, the fee to hire a Vietnamese developer is much cheaper than those of the USA and India, by 90% and 70% respectively. These are very sweet numbers for companies to begin venturing their offshore development to Vietnam.

  1. Language

In the past, it is hard to find a Vietnamese person who can speak English fluently. But now this picture has been changing very fast to the other side. Most young Vietnamese people now can read, write, listen and speak English in a basic level and moreover, many of them can use English fluently as a native speaker. In some coming years, the overall English performance of Vietnamese people can be far better, thanks to the Government’s efforts to improve the English skills for the young. So, communicating with a Vietnamese developer is now not a complex task. You can discuss with them about your project and they can easily understand your requests and make them done in a perfect way.

Note: Vietnamese have a heavy accent so it might be a bit difficult to understand over VoIP. 

  1. Similar Culture

Besides the traditional culture, Vietnam has many cultural similarities with many nations such as Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, … When coming here, you can discover the similarities in customs in the family, festivals, fashion style, food, etc. These days Vietnam also catches up with Western culture. It is important that cultural similarities among nations are very essential in business activities.

  1. No Infrastructure Cost

When thinking about starting a new project at you own company or place, there are many factors which come into play. For starters, you have to set up a complete new and dedicated office infrastructure for the project. By referring the same work on offshore accounts as Vietnam, you don’t need a whole new infrastructure just to kick start your project. The newly hired team will take care of everything, no new costs will be applied to your company and the budget will also keep on track.

  1. Maintain Your Timeline

We live in fast-paced business environments where it is tough to innovate your idea and simultaneously, be there for routine work. So, a Vietnamese outsourcing company is a great solution to gain control over the speed of your software development and attend to your regular job as well. It will also give you a heads up in determining the pace of your remote team and proceed accordingly with your software development team, also the time zone difference creates just the perfect environment for the project, and your project goes uninterrupted 24/7.

Above are the main reasons why many foreign companies tend to choose Vietnam as the country for outsourcing software development. There is no doubt that the market share in software outsourcing development will become more and more widen. Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the best choices for software outsourcing services.


Who Chooses To Use The Software Outsourcing Services from Vietnam?

The main customers of many Vietnamese software outsourcing companies are European companies. A newest research by Resorz Co., Ltd says that more than 10% of Japan’s software was sent to Vietnam.

Other big companies rely on Vietnam to meet their outsourcing needs are Intel, Sony, Cisco, Bayer, Nortel Networks, and Anheuser Busch…

From everything above, it is clear that Vietnam has many potentials to become the best country offshore software outsourcing services now and in the near future.


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