Company Trip: Phan Thiet

RECAP COMPANY TRIP WITH MANIFERA Saigon is entering a period of very hot, sunny days. This brings back memories for the entire Manifera team of the trip they took last year to relax after spending days together “fixing bugs” in Phan Thiet’s windy and green beach. There was a stronger sense of community among all Company Trip: Phan Thiet

Happy Hour – Tet Đoan Ngo

Đoan Ngo is the moment that the sun is the most near to the earth and this day often is “The middle day of summer”. In Vietnam, this day is also the death anniversary of National Mother Au Co. This is a festival celebrated at noon on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.[1] This day is Happy Hour – Tet Đoan Ngo

Manifera trip in Nha Trang 2017

Manifera Company Trip 2017 - Nha Trang - Vietnam

Manifera trip 2017 – In order to provide a fun, memorable summer, while building solidarity among members of the company, we just had the opportunity to visit the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang in August, 2017. Our Offshore Development Development Team had a memorable vacation!  Let’s Talk Offshore Software Development Teams

Interesting article about Manifera and software development in Vietnam

In the ADB magazine of the Association of Dutch Business People in Singapore, there is an interesting article about our company Manifera and the set up of a software development team in Vietnam. Original source: Issue: October/November 2015 Let’s Talk Offshore Software Development Teams