CyberDevOps Incorporated!

About a year ago, we established CyberDevOps as a Manifera brand. The CyberDevOps concept was the result of different conversations with TNO and other partners based on joint cyber security activities. We saw some good opportunities for this specific concept to complementary to the Manifera portfolio. Today, we registered CyberDevOps Pte Ltd as a legal CyberDevOps Incorporated!

A great moment for CyberDevOps

A great moment for CyberDevOps: TNO and CyberDevOps have signed a strategic partnership to accelerate capability development and to translate research and innovation outcomes into practical solutions.This indicates CyberDevOps is a serious player to help innovative companies like TNO to productize their various Proof Of Concepts. We thank TNO for their trust in CyberDevOps! For more information, A great moment for CyberDevOps