Upkeepa matching platform


Upkeepa matching platform

The Upkeepa platform connects professionals like gardeners and cleaners with consumers, in a trusted and reliable way.
Various smart algorithms are used within the platform to provide an eco-friendly solution.

Manifera has developed the Upkeepa platform for our appreciated UK customers. The platform consists of a web application for consumers to match with the right service provider. Furthermore, there are Android and iOS mobile apps for the Service Providers to accept and keep track of their jobs. And there is an Admin portal for the Upkeepa staff, including a graphic Dashboard and various features to keep track of the jobs at hand and the history of jobs.

You can find the website here: https://www.upkeepa.com/


Web Application and mobile Android and iOS apps


Laravel, PHP, VueJS, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, native Android and iOS development, Java, Swift


Web development, Android and iOS Mobile app development, Service, and Maintenance for keeping the system operational and expanding the features.


Upkeepa Ltd, United Kingdom