AI in Charities

AI in Charities

Recently, I'm having a 'love-affair' with creating personalized assistants for companies using the Assistants API by OpenAI. It suddenly dawned upon me how charities could tremendously benefit from having a virtual assistant as well.

For official charities only, with every subscription to my platform*, I offer the development of the virtual AI assistant for free.

An AI-driven assistant can help raise more funds for charities through various methods:

1. Chatbots for Support: AI-powered chatbots can provide 24/7 real-time assistance in multiple languages to donors, answer questions, guide them through the donation process and process their payment.

2. The chatbot can operate via all possible channels: web, voice, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and SMS.

3. Social Media Engagement: AI can automatically respond to comments on social media posts and engage in constructive conversations nudging them to make a donation.

Organizations need to have a paid account with OpenAI. Subscription to the 'virtual AI assistant platform' also empowers organizations to do WhatsApp marketing (Meta provides this feature to WhatsApp business accounts only and will charge for WhatsApp messages)

Written by Martijn Hovinga who is an expert in the practical application of Artificial Intelligence especially for medium and small businesses.

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