InsurOpti (Blockchain Project)


With the InsurOpti platform, based on blockchain technology, insurance cases related to car damage claims can be processed in an optimized and trustworthy way. This InsurOpti platform consists of a mobile app, a web application and the underlying blockchain technology. As the platform is used by multiple parties like car owners, car repair workshops and insurance companies, storing the data related to the insurance claims with blockchain technology is a perfect way to provide the trust among the various parties.

Via the mobile InsurOpti app a car driver logs their accident and car damage. The car repair workshop determines the cost for repairing the damage and provides this via the InsurOpti app as well into the platform. And finally the insurance company can approve or decline a repair as proposed by a repair shop. If approved, the repair shop can start with the repair and via the InsurOpti platform indicate that the repair has been done. This can be verified by the car owner and the insurance company. And the payout to the repair shop can be issued.

The InsurOpti platform optimizes the whole insurance claim process and is scalable beyond car insurance claims.

Mobile Application Development

iOS, Android, React, React Native, Laravel

Blockchain development, web- and mobile application development