In the networking and computer world React also known as React.JS, or simply ReactJS is a JavaScript library which developers use to construct, modify or develop the user interfaces for various websites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and many more.

Now as we move towards the question at hand that what hard and soft skills are required to become a React.JS developer. But before that let us have some insight about the various functions of ReactJS.


What can be achieved using ReactJS

  • It uses simple JavaScript library instead of implementing the use of complex features and languages and allows HTML quoting and allows the user to write in old JavaScript.
  • It makes room for single way data flow, completing one phase and passing the set of instructions over the other one. It does not complicate the things.
  • React creates an in-memory data structure which computes the changes made and then update the browser as well.
  • It is a simple and elegant feature to use for coding and writing new codes.
  • The overall performance of this tool is feasible and extraordinary.

That being done, let us now move towards the various skills required to qualify as a React developer;

  1. Solid knowledge of the JavaScript

Knowing JavaScript is critical for completing and rendering any job is done which involves programming and writing code. You don’t need a brief or small knowledge of the Java, you will have to endure every last thing there is to learn.

  1. A command over native iOS and Android

In order to make your application work, it is critical to have a complete knowledge of both operating systems. You should be able to use tools from both sides and develop the most robust and functional app there is. In this way, if you can’t find help from one side the other side will surely of some assistance.

  1. Writing elegant and clear code

Unlike other programming fields where complex and nerdy codes will suffice, here if you want to become the most polished and esteemed React developer your written scripts or codes should be simple and interpretable. This will help to maintain the website or app both in the present as well as in the future, whereas difficult and complex codes make the job more difficult.

These were various hard skills that you must have in order to pursue a career as React developer, now let us have a look at various soft skills which you also need to excel in this field;

  1. Great Communication skills

Building an app calls for teamwork and cooperation, that is why having good communications skills and practices will be beneficial for you in this regard. Not only you can place your ideas conveniently but also make communication with your teammates more efficiently.

  1. Open-Mindedness

You should not be blinded by your own ego but should have the courage to accept the uncertainties and possible errors arising in your codes. And also, you should be open for suggestion and ideas by others.

  1. Problem Solver

In this career, there are always going to be problems and hurdles, but instead of lying around and doing nothing, you should have the boost and energy to tackle your problems and possibly of others and bring comfort and ease where possible.

These were various hard and soft skills which a React Developer should have if you think that you have the power, commitment and passion to deliver whatever it takes then you can easily pursue this career. And also, you would be happy with it.

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